Six steps to clean the honeycomb filter cell


Klean environmentally friendly oil mist purifier honeycomb filter cell cleaning is divided into the following six steps.

First, prepared the honeycomb filter cell cleaning tool :

Large size electrostatic filter cell cleaning box (at least one filter cell can be placed), caustic soda and hot water, filter cell cleaning brush, high pressure cleaning water gun, screwdriver, protective glasses, protective gloves.

Second,take out the filter cell:

The purifier power switch must be turned off (Main power) to ensure safety; then open the filter cell access door, short circuit the filter cell anode and cathode with a screwdriver to release the residual power; finally, take out the filter cell and pre-filter the air distribution net.

Third, soak the filter in foam - Be sure to wear protective gloves and protective glasses before handling:

First, inject hot water above 75 °C into the water tank, then add caustic soda in a ratio of 1:25 mass, and mix evenly with the tool; then, in turn, the filter cell to be cleaned and the airflow net are placed in the water tank (the caustic soda water is immersed in the filter cell and the airflow net) soaked. Soaking time is 15-20 minutes.

Fourth, washing the filter cell:

Take out the soaked filter cell; wash the filter cell with a high-pressure water gun; clean the surface of the insulator with a clean rag (if the insulator is found to be damaged, replace the insulator in time).

Fifth, using the filter cell cleaning brush:

Some anode tubes need to be cleaned with a cleaning brush due to excessive oil accumulation; then a second flush with a high pressure water gun.

Sixth, calibration electrostatic filter cell:

After the filter cell cleaning is completed, observe whether the electrostatic filter cell cathode needle is excessive from the center point of the cylinder. The needle adjuster can be used to correct the cathode needle to the center point of the cylinder.

Finally,clean the filter cell to dry the water and then put it back into the equipment.