Electrostatic air purifier has great development prospects-KLEAN will be your best choice.


According to the "Electrostatic Precipitator Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report by Technology (Dry, Wet), By Application (Chemical, Metal, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Cement), And Segment Forecasts, 2018 - 2025" report ,the global electrostatic precipitator market size is projected to be valued at USD 14.97 billion by 2025. It is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3.3% over the forecast period. Rising consumer awareness, inclination towards healthy lifestyle, and rise in air pollution are expected To drive the market growth.

Rising adoption of air pollution control equipment, coupled with stringent government regulations, is expected to boost the global electrostatic precipitator market by 2025. Industrialization of energy and manufacturing industries is predicted to further enhance business growth over the forecast period.

Increasing investments and technological advancements are expected to encourage expansion of the market for electrostatic precipitator in the forthcoming years. Critical air pollution level caused by vehicles and industries coupled with high requirements for pollution controlling equipment in developing countries such as India and China are anticipated to spur Market growth over the forecast period.

KLEAN from the patent "Honeycomb Filter Cell" to the energy-efficient "High-frequency High-voltage Digital Power Pack" research and development application.From obtaining 80 national patents, 5 software copyright to European CE certification, US UL testing, China national environmental certification. Our products have been applied in many industries for the fume and dust purification such as catering, leather, textile, dyeing and finishing, food processing, heating treatment and metal processing industries.In 1994, the first generation smoke cover style ESP was launched. The launch has shocked the industry for the ESP has got a marked effect on fume purification with the honeycomb filter cell, which is researched and developed by KLEAN techniques.In 1999,facing more and more serious industrial waste gas and laggard disposing techniques, KLEAN took the responsibility to produce the more effective ESP with smaller size and energy-saving advantage to replace the low-effective facility with large size. The new generation ESP  not only can purify the waste gas, but also make good use of the waste.In 2006, with the successful research and application of remote monitoring system and stable high-frequency switch power, KLEAN techniques have entered the sixth generation. KLEAN becomes the spotlight again in the purification industry. Advanced intelligent and energy-saving techniques guide the new direction of the air purification industry.Highly advanced and sophisticated techniques lead the development of the industry, and the consummate management system of purchase, manufacture, quality and service keeps our products stable. The national environment cognizance, CE Certificate and UL text have shown the recognition of our customers and society for our products.Nowadays, the earth has been explored in excess. The speedy economic increase can not make the blue sky more clear. KLEAN people will keep thinking and working hard to take the responsibility for our only earth. To manufacture the best product with the best techniques is our sustained duty.