Comparison of Cylindrical Honeycomb ESP and Plate Line ESP


The electrostatic air purifier in the catering oil fume purifier has two types: Honeycomb ESP and Plate line ESP according to different processes. In general, plate line esp are more affordable than honeycomb esp. Because of the difference price  between the two purifiers, the production process will be different.

The structure of the plate line filter cell:

It is easy to use oil in the plate line filter cell. If the cleaning is not in time, it is easy to cause fire. The plate line filter cell is a dust-collecting structure. The surface of the filter cell has a lot of oil. The plate line filter cell is affected by gravity for a long time. The discharge is blocked and fire is prone to occur. The consequences are unimaginable. .

Material: Cheap material, poor material and short service life.

Power pack: Using common capacitors on the market, poor process equipment

Single-stage current, current output is not guaranteed. The production process is simple, and there is no effective setting of intelligent management of the ESP. If you do not pay attention to it during daily use, it is prone to fire.

Adopting electric filter cell modular design, it is not convenient to disassemble and clean.

The plate line ESP is troublesome in cleaning and is easily damaged. Usually, after cleaning, the filter cell needs to be carefully checked to see if there is any oil that has not been cleaned.

The structure of cylindrical honeycomb filter cell:

The cylindrical honeycomb structure is adopted to make the average filter cell intensity uniformly reached by the electrostatic field energy, which greatly increases the electric filter cell purification area, and makes the filter cell and the oil mist particles combine for a longer time, thereby determining that the device has extremely high degreasing oil smoke. Easy to clean and easy to maintain, remember to cut off the power when not in use.

Material:  Food grade 304 stainless steel filter cell, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, long service life, uniform filter cell strength, high purification efficiency

Power Pack: High-quality high-voltage power pack has high safety factor and better high-voltage connection design. When the door is opened, the filter cell will be automatically powered off. In addition, the electrostatic oil mist purifier is powered by the latest technology of DC superimposed pulse power supply, dual current. The form makes the oil smoke more susceptible to ionization and adsorption. While ensuring the best purifying effect of the purifier, the power supply also has automatic overload, overvoltage, open circuit and open circuit protection. It is safer and more secure. The air inlet and outlet can be interchanged at will, which is convenient for on-site installation.


High-voltage electric filter cell with uniform electric filter cell intensity and high purification efficiency

The  filter cell structure of the cylindrical honeycomb enables the filter cell to reach the maximum average intensity, so that the device has a very high smoke removal effect, good rigidity, and completely solves the problems that other electric field structures are easily deformed after disassembly and maintenance.