HOSPITAL ESSALUD TARAPOTO, Peru  Indian restaurant Kohinoor, Bulgaria  Klean Duct-mounted in Dubai

The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur-StarwoodKuching Sentral, Malaysia

Tower Sushi, AustraliaGuzman Y Gomez - South Bank, AustraliaLIWAN Residential Tower, Dubai, UAE

A Jamie Oliver in Stratford overlookingAn application for kitchen in Saudi ArabiaThe Wok & Go Sushi Spinnery,Norway

The Burgys snack bar in NorwayThe Japan Sushi,NorwayThe Japan Sushi,Norway

A restaurant in Hong KongIn the hotel of Vietnamone of the restaurant in Netherlands

Klean ESP in a restaurant of SpainThe ESP is used in catering industry,SpainKlean Commercial ESP,Korea

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