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Small cylinder exhaust gas purification equipment

We are enabling our clients in 86 countries and to meet more and more stringent PM2.5 emission standards. Rest assured your next project with KLEAN is in good hands.

  • Brand:Klean
  • Purification efficiency:98%
  • Material Science:stainless steel
  • Applicable industries:catering trade


Highly Efficiency ESP

No need for on-site welding, the equipment is small in size, can be installed indoors, and can be upgraded to improve purification efficiency (or processing air volume)

Extractive filter cell

The filter cell is thoroughly soaked and washed, and the restoration is as before, which can realize non-stop production and maintenance

New type of zoned filter cell, compared with traditional electrostatic equipment, energy saving is more than 50%

Multi-level filter cell independent power supply technology

Single-stage power outages or failures have limited impact on the overall operation of the equipment

The equipment can realize online monitoring and operating data recording; various parameters of the power supply can be set and adjusted through the mobile phone; the arc extinguishing time of multiple protection functions is less than 0.01ms

Purification principle

Gradual capture and adsorption to achieve the best purification effect

Multi-line package grouped full-bridge rectification, uniform silicon particle voltage division, more resistant to breakdown

70KV high voltage resistant cable to prevent breakdown

System linkage responds quickly, improving safety monitoring performance

Patented draw-out fire dampers to facilitate thorough cleaning and maintenance of parts, to avoid jamming and inaction after contamination